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Der Spiegel: In the fight against money laundering, we need a Zeitenwende

Financial crime increasingly threatens our democracy, warn Theresa Neef, Konrad Duffy and JDC Policy Fellow Sebastian Mack.

Corruption, money laundering and tax evasion are flourishing - throughout the EU as well as in Germany. Theresa Neef (researcher at the EU Tax Observatory and World Inequality Lab), Konrad Duffy (consultant on financial crime at the citizens' movement Finanzwende) and Sebastian Mack (expert on European financial markets at the Jacques Delors Centre) consider the intransparency of assets as the main reason. This enables oligarchs, the mafia and other criminals to hide their assets from the authorities. 
That is why, in a joint guest article in Der Spiegel, the three experts plead for a Europe-wide register of assets and a Zeitenwende (turning point) in the fight against money laundering.  
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