Podcast EU to go - Election special

Election special: What next for EU migration policy?

In our first election special episode, Thu Nguyen talks to Lucas Rasche about a topic that was mostly avoided in the election campaign - migration. Despite falling asylum numbers, the issue is still fraught with fear. However, this should not hide the fact that the new federal government has to answer difficult questions at the European level. Lucas Rasche explains in a concise 10 minutes what responsibility it has in this regard. 



Election special: What's next on the rule of law?

The rule of law crisis in the EU reached a new level of escalation last week as Poland's Constitutional Tribunal openly questioned the supremacy of EU law in its ruling. What makes the ruling so dangerous? How should the EU Commission react now? And what can the next German government do? Thu Nguyen and Lucas Guttenberg discuss this in the second episode of our "Election special" series.