Towards Enlargement: Navigating challenges and paths for reform - Discussion with Igli Hasani, Albania's Minister of Foreign Affairs

Join us for an engaging discussion with Igli Hasani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania diving into the complexities of enlargement and explore the economic, political and social dimensions of expansion.

The EU enlargement process has been aimed at fostering stability, prosperity, and democratic values in EU policy. In recent years, driven by geopolitical considerations and the need to counter Russian influence in the neighbourhood, the EU enlargement process has gained new momentum. This momentum is at the centre of discussions within the EU about necessary institutional changes for further enlargement.

The impact of the institutional changes in the EU in 2024 will shape the trajectory of future enlargement efforts. Those changes will influence the EU's capacity and willingness to advance the accession process for candidate countries. As candidate countries make progress on their path towards EU membership, they must address questions regarding their readiness to meet the EU's criteria and to navigate complex dynamics in the region.

Join us for an exclusive discussion with Igli Hasani, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania and Besa Shahini, Henrik Enderlein Fellow on the complexities surrounding EU enlargement and Albania's journey towards European integration. With opening remarks by Cornelia Woll, President of the Hertie School and a moderation by Johannes Lindner, Co-Director of the Jacques Delors Centre.